Sports betting: how to make money on accumulators and singles with 1xBet

To make it easier for you to choose lines and regularly receive additional income, the reliable bookmaker 1xBet tells about two main bet types using football matches as an example.

Single bet
A single bet is a bet on a single event or, in football terms, on the result of a single game. You can bet on the victory or draw of one of the teams. There are other types of singles: double chance or a bet on the number of goals.

Double chance involves betting on two possible outcomes:
1Х — the first team win or draw. Profit will be brought by the first team victory (the first team is the one that plays at the home stadium) or a draw, and then the visiting team victory will turn into a loss.

Х2 — the second team win or draw. The bet will pass in case of the second team victory or draw but will lose if the home team wins.
12 — the first or the second team win. Any of the two opponents winnings will bring you money, while a draw will result in a loss.
How to calculate the single bet winnings?
Betting 10 c.u. on the Argentina victory with odds of 1.34, you would have a net profit of 3.40 c.u. Calculating the winnings is very easy: multiply 10 c.u. by odds of 1.34 and get 13.4 c.u.

·       accessibility and ease;
·       calculation simplicity;
·       better chance of success;

·       to win big, you need to bet significant amounts.

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Accumulator bet
An accumulator bet differs from a single bet in the events number – in our case, events are singles (for example, bets on football matches results) and any other sports bet types. From 2 to 24 events can be gathered in one accumulator, and it is attractive for players because, if successful, the event odds are multiplied.

For example, let’s look at the World Cup matches in Qatar. In the semi-final match, we made an accumulator of two events (this is the minimum), betting on the Argentina victory in the match against Croatia and the France victory in the game against Morocco. They pass – we win. If even one of our favorites loses, the accumulator will turn into nothing.

How to calculate the accumulator bet winnings?

Betting 10 c.u. on the outcomes of two events with odds of 1.5 and 2.0 (the overall odds would be 3), we would have earned 30 c.u. For your bet to win, all the events in it must play.

1xBet Accumulator battle
The top bookmaker 1xBet runs the Accumulator battle promo every month. Its participants claim fantastic prizes – top gadgets from world-famous brands and more. Players only need to bet accumulators regularly, and each month’s top prize differs from the previous one.

What bet type is better for a beginner?

For beginners, it is better to use single bets. Their main advantage is simplicity – you need to guess only one outcome. For example, bettors, who were sure before the World Cup final that Argentina would beat France, had to choose the single. For the bet to play, Leo Messi and company had to win in normal time. 

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Accumulator bets are more suitable for experienced players, although it would be interesting for beginners to try their hand. At the same time, there are more events in the accumulator, so there is a higher probability that the bet will not win.

Not everything depends on the ability to analyze. A random mistake can decide the result of a match: an own goal, a red card, and even a field with slippery grass. On the other hand, a successful accumulator is the best way to become rich, even if you bet a small amount.

Success story

In November 2022, a sports bettor and 1xBet client named Ahmed made an accumulator of 24 matches in 16 different leagues. The final odds turned out to be exceptionally high and brought the player $125,000 with a bet of $150. Ahmed said he didn’t have much experience in betting and was just lucky.
May the lady luck smile upon you, too. Sign up on 1xBet, bet on sports and create your own success story! 

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