30 Best Star Wars Pick Up Lines

Star wars pick up lines

Hello Star Wars fans!

What are the best Star Wars pick up lines to use for flirting?.

If you want to flirt with a person that you like using Star Wars pick up lines, then you are in the right place, because we have a collection of the best Star Wars pick up lines for your flirting game.

The Star Wars pick up lines in this article are a combination of dirty Star Wars pick up lines, clever Star Wars pick-up lines, cheesy pick up lines and funny Star Wars pick up lines.

Here are the best Star Wars pick up lines to use today.

Star Wars Pick Up Lines:

I wanna Lando in your Calrissian.

I certainly know what you’re thinking about: That’s def no moon, that’s a space station!

I could spend a year in your falcon.

You must be a Sith Lord because I’m falling for you.

Let’s get hoth and heavy.

I would hit it hard like the side of a tree on Endor.

Is that a lightsaber you have under your robe or are you just happy to see me?

We should go to my bedroom, peel back my Star Wars sheets, and discover how a true Jedi uses his light-saber?

You’re hotter than Mustafar’s flames

Captain, being held by you is enough to get me this excited

You’re the droid I’ve been looking for.

Open up your hangar my starfighter needs to ‘defuel’

The force is so strongly with you.

I’m here just to amass the fixed bounty on that ass.

Your smile glows like a lightsaber and twice as effective.

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I can very easily get you undressed in less than 12 parsecs.

I have a good feeling about you.

I see that you have heard about my bad motivator but I give a mean back rub!

You still think Chewbacca is really hairy, chill until you catch a glimpse of my wookie.

You have stolen my heart the way the rebellion stole the Death Star plans.

Master Obi-Wan says to follow my instincts, my instincts are all over you.

Yoda one for me, only you.

Go to my place we must, please you I will

Will you be my Na-boo?

I’m not like Han, I don’t shoot first.

A great disturbance in my pants I feel, attend to it we must.

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