15+ Best Thirsty Pick Up Lines

Thirsty Pick up lines

If you are here, you are definitely thirsty for something, and we got you covered with the best thirsty pick up lines there is.

If you are looking for the best thirst pick up lines to quench your thirstyness.

Here is a collection of the funniest thirsty pick up lines, dirty pick-up lines and cheesy pick up lines.

Thirsty Pick Up Lines:

Baby… I am thirsty… Sq*irt for me.

Girl you make me pass out from dehydration when I see you. Because you being so hot make me so thirsty.

Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry, How about dinner?.

Girl are you wet yet? Because my little buddy is thirsty.

Hey girl, are you the sea wave? I see you come. I’m getting thirsty. I will drink your salty juice.

I am thirsty and I am down to get some p**sy juice.

If you were sprite, I’d obey my thirst.

I’m as thirsty for your love as the fish were for water.

Are you Anti-diuretic hormone? Cause you’re making me thirsty.

Are you Dracula? You looked a little thirsty when you were looking at me.

Are you thirsty? Because I Aquafinna eat that ass.

Are you thirsty? Because I can give you the Sunny-D.

Babe I am thirsty? How deep do I need to dig to get to your water.

Babe, are you thirsty? I can rain on you.

Babe, I am thirsty for your lips.

Girl are you thirsty from a dry spell? Let me turn on the cum faucet for you.

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