10 Fun Hobbies To Make Money In 2023

Did you know you can make money while you are doing what you enjoy doing? Of course it’s possible. In fact some of the hobbies I’ve listed bellow can not only make you money but might be the reason your life took a turn and believe it or not you might be one of the most known person on the planet, not by going to work and winning an award for working your ass off, but by doing what you love and doing it with a lot of passion

The internet is growing rapidly every single year. This is a huge platform for people like you who enjoy doing certain internet related stuff to be able to put some cash in their pockets, right?

Now let’s get into it. Here are the 10 Fun Hobbies To Make Money In 2021. No profession needed, just have fun and make money at the same time.

1: Answer Survey Online

Make Money with your phone by taking online surveys. This is one way you can make money online without doing literally anything. You can be watching your favorite movie on Netflix and still make money at the same time by answering short questions surveys.

Take this for instance. You are with your family watching your favorite TV show and everyone is enjoying it, but you are doing more than just enjoy the show, YOU ARE MAKING MONEY, when everyone is watching the show you are also watching it, but immediately the show takes a break you jump on your phone and continue taking the surveys, for the five minutes or so the show will be on break you will not just be sitting around waiting for it to come back, you will be making money online. Easy right?

Here is the top site I highly recommend for you to take surveys from: Swagbucks. They are the easiest online survey site out there. The best thing about Swagbucks is that you not only get paid to take surveys but you also make money if you refer a friend to their Platform. Refer your friends and family and earn 10% of their earnings for the life of their account. Imagine if you refer 50 people to Swagbucks and you are also taking surveys, do you know how much you will be making? A lot of money. By doing almost nothing.

Try Swagbucks today, it’s free and easy to register, CLICK HERE to get started.

2: Drive Around Different Places

If you love driving, then this one is for you. You can make an income by simply driving people around. Whether you have your own car or not it still works.

The thing is, you enjoy driving so you will enjoy doing it over and over again, drive people to their destination and make money out of it. People will give you huge tips if you can drive really well and make them fill comfortable being in your car.

Apps like Uber can do the hard work for you, by this I mean finding you the people you will be driving to their destination. Use the app as a driver and it will notify you when someone close to your area needs a ride, so you accept the call and move to pick the client, drive him or her to which ever place they are going to and get paid for that. Pretty amazing how you will make money by doing what you love. Plus you are your own boss you can work when you want, if you don’t feel like picking anyone for a ride at the moment, then don’t do it. No one will fire you. You drive when you want.

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3: Freelance Writing

Do you enjoy writing? Did you know you can make money of it. Yes you can turn your writing hobby into real cash. This is how you can do it. Join Feverr.

Feverr will act as your company. People who what you to write for them in exchange of money will contact you through Feverr and you can choose to do the work or pass, the more work you accomplish on Feverr the more you earn. And again you can work when you want, any time you are free with nothing to do especially during this quarantined period, you can make pretty good money on Feverr,

Join Feverr here, it’s free and easy to sign up and start getting paid.

4: Start A Blog

Actually the one you are reading right now is a blog. There’s no limit on how much you can make with your own blog. It’s your website, you write what you want and publish, you publish when when you feel like.

But if starting a blog to make money is your goal here, then posting what you want won’t be a good idea, you should post what your readers want to consume. That’s how you will make money.

Starting a blog is a great idea, because you can connect with your readers in a whole different level as compared to a social media platform such as Instagram. It’s not your account 100%. Instagram can decide to terminate your account at any given time and you can do nothing about it, no matter how may followers or engagement you had, it can all go a way in a glance

But that’s completely different with a blog that you have rights over. Yes you can start a free blog from sites such blogspot but still you won’t have any control over your website Completely. So I recommend buying your own domain name. This way you have every control over everything on your site

Start a blog and share with your readers what you enjoy doing, if you are to start a successful blog, then use the best hosting for your website. Bluehost

Bluehost is the most trusted web hosting company on the internet. If you don’t know how to get started with Bluehost. Here is a full guide on how to start up with Bluehost.

Sign up for BLUEHOST HERE. I recommend you choose the basics package if you are starting out. It’s the cheapest of them all and easy to set up

5: Photography

Major deal here. Photography. This is one creative idea of making money online that I think it’s so underrated. Many people have no idea how much money they can make online by taking photos of random stuffs daily.

Let me show you how this works. If you own a camera that’s an upper hand in the game of photography, but fortunately you don’t really have to own a camera to get started. If your phone has a good camera quality, you are good to go

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So when you have taken enough amazing, outstanding pictures of random places and objects, it’s time you sell them online. There are sites that will be more than happy to buy your pictures. Shutterstock is one of them. This site will buy pictures from you anytime you want to sell them. If you don’t think selling your pictures is a good idea, you can then decide to copyright them so that people can pay you a certain amount of money if they want to use your photos in any of their projects legally.

6: Traveling

Enjoy traveling around the world? Most of the people who travel as a hobby don’t even realize there’s money next to them. But guess what, well today you are in luck because you landed on this page.

So how can you make money traveling while in real life people spend money to travel. This is how it works folks, travel companies and industries on the same stop spend money to promote their company. This is where you come in.

This companies will give you free tickets to places you want to travel and pay all the accommodations that comes with it. Furthermore they will also pay you for accepting the offer. Crazy right?

But all this won’t be for nothing. You will get all this in exchange a review of their company, hotel or restaurant. They will offer you all this if you are going to market them online and help bring more people to their hotels and resorts. But for you to get such opportunities you have to own a blog or be a YouTube or Instagram influencer with a lot of engaging followers. You don’t have to be a big boss on Instagram or YouTube, just have real and active followers that actually listen to you.

7: Proofreading Documents

A lot of companies out there are looking for people to confirm their service before they can go live to their customers. Proofreading is one of the things these companies need.

Before they publish something, they pay proofreaders to read and correct any mistakes that may have been made in the article or post.

This is an easy way to earn some cash online. All you need to do is look for mistakes, whether you get mistakes or not, you still get paid regardless.

8: Playing Games

Game lovers also have a chance on this list. But of course they should. The gaming industry makes millions of dollars every year, why should the person playing the games not earn a portion of it.

How to make money playing your favorite games. With this you need people to watch you playing games so that you can be able to earn from it.

Use of social media platforms is a huge deal on this. Play your favorite game while live streaming on YouTube, you will generate money with the adds that YouTube will be displaying on your video when people are watching your live stream.

Another App to use is tiktok. You can go live on your tiktok account and your fans can send you virtual gifts during your live broadcast and you can convert the virtual gifts into real cash and get TikTok to deposit your money into your PayPal account.

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9: YouTube Vlogs

How many times have you opened YouTube just to watch other people’s lives. A lot, right?. Now that’s about to change. If you enjoy being in front of a camera. Make it count. Open a YouTube channel and follow the trend on YouTube.

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Do what is trending at the moment and post your videos, if you can sing or rap do covers of the most popular songs on the internet and post them, or the one way to Jumpstart your YouTube career is by reacting to new popular music videos.

When you start getting in subscribers, and your views going up, so will your money. You will have to allow YouTube to place ads in your videos and that’s how you will make money.

Read this post if you consider doing YouTube, it has everything you need and what you need to know. Plus PROVEN TIPS to help you grow way more fast as a new YouTuber

10: Music

Who said you have to be Taylor Swift or Drake to make money in the music industry. The thing about blowing up as an upcoming musician that people don’t seem to get it is being different. People already know Taylor Swift and they love her voice and music, how the heck do you want to make it in the industry if you want to sound like her. Be different that’s the pro tip.

I’m not a music expert but I can tell you for a fact that music is all about new things. If you can bring new sound on the table, chances of you making it are supper high.

Give people a reason to click on your music video, watch it and share it. Give people a good reason why they should spend money buying your new mixtap or album. If you are different and unique, people can feel that, trust me.

If you are talented with any music related skills. Playing guitar, singing, Rapping, playing piano, playing any other music equipments. You should definitely give YouTube a try. It will be the best decision you’d ever make when you start seeing positive results.

Avoid posting videos with background music that are copyrighted. That can lead to your YouTube channel being reported or getting a copyright strike to your channel, which will affect your YouTube career big time. Record yourself singing a cover of your favorite song and post the video on YouTube, record yourself playing the piano or guitar and post the videos on your channel. On YouTube consistency is key. Post at least 2 times a week.

Other Hobbies Include




Voice-over artist

There you go. Those are the 10 Fun Hobbies To Make Money In 2021, this year. Remember, the ways you can make money from different hobbies apply differently. Some make money instantly and some you have to put in some efforts to see positive results. Nevertheless this hobbies will guarantee make some money if you follow the steps given.

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