5 Ways To Tell If a Girl Truly Loves You

When you get mixed feelings from a girl, this is the hardest thing to figure out. If the girl is your close friend this will be even more difficult for you to determine if she’s into you or she is just comfortable around you and trust you as a friend. That’s why this article is here to help you find out if the girl loves you or you might be wasting your time.

Here are 5 ways for you to know if a girl truly loves you.


If a girl is into a you, it’s gonna be hard for her to look at you straight in the eyes, unless she’s completely used to you.

So if you find out that most of the times you and a girl are together or talking and she barely looks at you in the eyes. Chances are, she likes you. If she looks down more often while you talk to her, you won her heart.


Now this is a huge one to look out for. A girl’s body language can tell a lot what her mouth can’t.

One body language that you should be looking out for in a girl is if she leans close to you. If a girl loves you, she will always find a way of being close to you as much as possible, if you guys are watching a movie together, she will move closer to you and lean on your shoulder, you might think that’s normal, but it wouldn’t happen if she had zero romantic feelings towards you.

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Also, if a girl tries to touch you for no good reason, that’s a huge sign she feels you. If a girl shares a drink or food with you, you are probably her priority, that’s why she wants you to eat or drink whatever she’s eating or drinking.


A girl playing with her hair especially when you’re talking to her is a positive sign she likes you. A girl will play with her hair when she’s around a person she truly loves.

If you notice a girl you like playing with her hair when she’s talking to you, make a move, chances of her being in love with you are supper high.


Jealousy has been in women’s history for the longest. A jealous girl is a girl in love indeed. Find out how the girl reacts when you start talking highly about other girls, if she seems like she’s not enjoying the conversation and tries to end the subject quickly, she’s jealous.

A girl will try as much as possible to avoid conversations which make her feel uncomfortable.

See if she gets mad at you or trying to ignore you moments after she sees you flirting with other girls in front of her.

IMPORTANT: don’t over flirt with other girls in front of her if you also have feelings for her. She might assume you are not interested in her and this will blow up your chances of dating her.


Bottom line, if a girl truly loves you, she might as well just say it, but in a way that you have to figure it out yourself and understand exactly what she’s trying to say to you.

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A girl who likes you will most probably be the first one start conversations with you, she will be the one who will text you first most of the time. Keeping track of how many times a girl starts a conversation with you, will give you a heads up on what is going on.

A girl who likes you will find reasons to talk to you and keep the conversation going. In other times, if a girl is not so shy, she might tell you first that she loves you. But this is very rare.

So instead of her saying she loves you straight up, she might be saying it in hidden words. She might be saying things like:

I love spending time with you

You are so cute

Wanna hang out?

Or, she suggests romantic movies for you to watch


Different girls may act differently when they are in love. It all depends on how close you are with them or how confident a girl is towards you. If you find out a girl has the above behaviors when she’s around you. It’s time you make a move and ask her on a date.

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