Top 20 Best Affordable Swimming Pools In Nairobi Today

Cheap Swimming Pools near you

Nairobi, known for its bustling megacity life, now offers a stimulating escape from the concrete jungle with its wide range of affordable swimming pools.

Whether you are a family looking for a weekend getaway, an avaricious swimmer seeking a new training ground, or simply someone looking to beat the heat, Nairobi has got you covered.

Nairobi’s affordable swimming pools feed to people from all walks of life, icing that everyone has the occasion to enjoy the benefits of swimming. Dive into these budget-friendly options and make a splash in Nairobi’s vibrant swimming scene.

Read along the 20 budget-friendly swimming pools where you can take a dip and enjoy some submarine fun without breaking the bank.

Cheap Swimming Pools Around Nairobi:

1. YMCA Swimming Pool

Positioned in the heart of Nairobi, the YMCA pool offers both a 25- cadence stage pool and a separate children’s pool.

The pool is frequently treated with lifeguards on point and swimming assignments are available upon arrangements at a cheap cost.

2. Kasarani Aquatic Stadium

Kasarani Submarine Stadium is located at Moi International sports center and it has three swimming pools.

Known for its Olympic- sized pool, this installation is a popular choice for professional insensibility and suckers likewise.

3. Nyayo National Stadium Aquatic Centre

It’s located at Nyayo sports complex and it has a big kiosk for observers.

Casing multiple pools and serving as a training ground for athletes, this installation offers a top- notch swimming experience.

4. Barclays Swimming Pool

Barclays Swimming Pool is presently known as ABSA swimming pool. It’s located next to KCA University, Survey along Thika road.

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Barclays Swimming Pool is the biggest swimming pool in Ruaraka with  it being  half the size of an olympic pool.

5. Chester House Swimming Pool

Located on the  fourth floor of Chester hotel,Koinange Street in Nairobi.

The pool is accessible for your use at your pleasure and you may also choose to decompress by the pool and busk in the sun.

6. Funcity Swimming Pool, Utawala

Funcity is situated along the Eastern bypass, in Utawala, Nairobi.

The installation has an eatery and a recreation demesne with live music.

Arrive beforehand to profit from a meaningful syncope as the afterlife is typically crowded. .

7. Sadili Oval Sports Centre

Sadili Oval sports center is located in langata civil retainers estate, off Kitengela road.

Its position makes it fluently accessible for residers of the lesser langata region and Kibera.

8. Ruiru spur Mall Swimming Pool

Ruiru Spur Mall Swimming Pool is a rooftop swimming pool positioned along Thika Road.

The warm temperatures in the pool and some of the stylish lifeguards make it an awesome place to visit

9. Methodist Guest House Swimming Pool

Methodist Resort and Conference Centre is immaculately positioned in Lavington, on Oloitoktok Road.The perfect place to slip into the water, swim a many stages and let the day’s troubles just melt down

10. East African School of Aviation Swimming Pool

The East African School of Aviation  swimming pool is located in Embakasi, Nairobi.  The pool is well maintained and the changing rooms are clean and well fitted.

11. Umoja Primary Swimming Pool

Umoja Primary Swimming Pool is a public swimming pool situated in Embakasi West Constituency.  The premises are open daily and it is an affordable place to rejuvenate.

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12. Jathniel, Utawala

The swimming pool is positioned along the Eastern bypass at Utawala, Nairobi. The eatery joint  situated in the premises offers delicacies to enjoy as you swim.

13. Rabai Road, Swimming Pool

Rabai Road Swimming Pool is positioned in Doonholm. It offers adult pool and a detached baby pool. Swimming practices are well offered at the adult pool.

14. Utalii Hotel

Utalii Hotel hostel is positioned 6 km from the megacity center off Thika Road near the Mathare area. The swimming pool is ideal for families and the public as well.l.

15. Premier Club Swimming Pool

The Premier Club private swimming pool is contrary to Nairobi Gymkhana. As one of the stylish private swimming pools in Nairobi, it is well maintained and it hosts swimming festivals and hosts competitions where they issue medals.

16. MOW Swimming Pool

The MOW swimming pool is located in Mow Sports Club. It offers a comforting, cool syncope when you want to refresh in the morning.

Still, you must subscribe for class because it isn’t open for non-members, If you want to swim inMOW.

17. Fahari Garden Hotel

Fahari Garden Hotel is located in Utawala and it  identifies itself as the pride of Eastlands.

The place is suitable for a quiet gateway and it is also favorable for the whole family .

18. Meridian Hotel Swimming Pool

Meridian is one of the hospices with a swimming pool in Nairobi and the rooftop pool gives you a great view of the surroundings.

A strong Wifi signal and a chill at the pool side while enjoying mouthwatering food at the poolside.

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19. Silver Springs Hotel

Silver Springs Hotel is situated opposite Nairobi Hospital. An extra charge is put on the steam and sauna offered. The prices are affordable and it is a great space to chill after a long day.

20. Cloud Hotel and Suites Parklands

 Cloud Hotel and Suites is found in parkland at the Diamond Plaza. The heated pool is refreshing to swim and mostly enjoyed during chill evenings.

21. Rock House

Rock House – Karen in Nairobi (Langata), you’ll be within a 10-minute drive of Galleria Shopping Mall and Bomas of Kenya. They have one of the most beautiful decorated swimming pool that’s actually very priced reasonably.

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