All Uhuru Retirement Benefits 2022: Package Includes Cars, Security, Millions Monthly

Uhuru Kenyatta Retirement Packages Benefits

Here are all the benefits that Uhuru Kenyatta will take home after retiring as the president of the republic of Kenya.

In the Retirement Package of Uhuru Kenyatta, he is going to benefit a lot receiving multi-million benefits according to the presidential retirement benefit act.

As a Kenyan president, when you have served all your terms as the president and its time for you to retire.

You are going to get a retirement package that is filled with mind blowing benefits.

For Uhuru Kenyatta, these are the benefits he will go home with after officially leaving the State House.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Retirement Packages:

  1. Lifetime salary of Ksh1.2 million per month when he retires from office after the August 9 General Election (always included in the national budget)
  2. He will receive a one-time gratuity of Ksh34.6 million which is paid to him at the end of his tenure as the President.
  3. He will be getting a monthly stipends totalling to Ksh1 million.
  4. Uhuru will also receive Ksh 300,000 for house allowance monthly.
  5. He will also get Ksh216,562 fuel allowance per month.
  6. He will get a Ksh 300,000 in water, electricity and telephone usage.
  7. Uhuru will also receive an entertainment allowance of Ksh 200,000.
  8. In addition, the Commander-in-Chief will receive 4 brand new cars, each coming with a driver (drivers paid by the government of Kenya).
  9. He also gets 6 security guards, 2 professional cooks, 4 housekeepers, 4 messengers, 4 secretaries, 2 laundry personnel and staff for a fully-furnished office.

These are the benefits that Uhuru will start enjoying immediately after leaving office.

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