35+ Best Bar Pick Up Lines

Bar pick up lines

Looking for bar pick up lines?.

In this article, we have the list of the best bar pick up lines to flirt with today.

These are cheesy pick up lines, dirty bar pick-up lines, funny pick up lines among other related pick up lines that actually work.

When it comes to the best bar pick up lines to flirt with, these are the best to choose from and flirt with your special someone today.

Bar Pick Up Lines:

Just when I thought the beer was good here!.

I asked this lady if she could go eat a movie with me sometimes, and she said, ‘Of course! After all, I watch what I eat.’

I asked this lady if she wanted the best sex of her life that night, and she said no. I was happy, and I told her, ‘then I am the best guy for you.’

The only reason beer is better than women is because beer is always into football season.

What did the termite say when he walked into the bar? ‘Is the bar tender here?

Only ghosts can’t handle their boos.

A whine cellar is a basement full of women.

Do you want to take my order? Give me two pints of lager and a shot of you.

‘Your legs’ is the word of the day; let’s go home and spread the word.

Your seamless gown is lovely, but it would look lovelier if it were on the floor in my bedroom.

The two of us could find a dark room and see what develops.

I see you like raisins. Tell me, what do you think of a date?

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You look so cute that I’m likely to come bang you on my coffee table tonight.

Since you are the only Ten I see, you must be from Tennessee.

Are you just happy to see me or is that an energy bar in your bag?

Did you also get an invitation the pants party?

Just come to my place and I will make you a quesadilla.

This Johnny walking with his buddies are turning my software into a hardware.

I know you cook best in the morning. That’s why I eat guys like you for breakfast.

You are such a spicy dish that you make my heart burn,

I didn’t know you meant a six pack of dinner rolls when you said you said you had a six pack down there.

Who minds being compared to a pair if hot buns?

I wanted to go swimming but I am already drowning in your love.

Stop distracting me, I’m here just trying to drink.

If I wouldn’t be jealous of the glass I’d buy you a drink.

With that tequila you have, I’m tempted to ask for a shot.

Looking at you takes away all my breath.

What phone number should I use when I later text you goodnight?

After breaking the ice cube, the guy said to his crush, ‘can I buy you a drink now that I have broken the ice?’

Would you mind if I check you out since I don’t have a library card?

Now that I dropped my drink when you passed by, you owe me.

I was not drunk last night, I was just intoxicated by you.

I hate it when people try to use pickup lines on me.

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Hey, don’t get upset. I was talking cocktails when I asked if you liked blow jobs or sex on the beach.

I was wondering if you’ll be busy tonight at last call.

You must be a parking ticket because you have ‘fine’ written all over you.

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