Lost Phone: Best Phone Trackers in Kenya Right Now

Lost Phone Trackers

Did you just loose your mobile phone? It’s so hurting to loose your phone with all the important things and information that might be in it.

Phone theft is common in Kenya nowadays. And if you have lost your Android device, this is how you can get it back.

Below is a list of the most powerful anti-theft software apps in Kenya that will definitely help you locate your stolen or lost phone and be able to get your phone back.

How this apps work is by sending its GPS location to your email or any other channel you want it to.

After which you can also wipe your device remotely with these powerful anti-theft apps.

The anti-theft mobile apps listed below have the ability to record the audio of the person currently in custody of your phone. Amazingly, these apps can also use the rear camera of your phone to snap a picture of the person who currently has your phone and send the picture to your email or another device of your choice.

Here is the list of powerful mobile phone trackers right now.

Best Phone Trackers in Kenya:

Without following any orders, below are the best phone tracker apps available today.

1: Android Lost Free

Android Lost free is completely FREE to use.

This app will help you in locating your stolen phone easily.

Once downloaded and installed in your device, it’s easy to use and free forever.

A good feature about this app is that you as the owner of the device will receive an email notifying you the details of the new sim if the sim on your mobile phone has been changed.

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You can trigger the alarm of the lost phone immediately and remotely too. Among other features.

2: Plan B

Using GPS this app will do all the hard work for you.

It will immediately start locating the lost phone once it goes missing.

This app will be gathering the information about the lost phones current location and send every necessary information to your mail.

Plan B also has the ability to frequently update the location of the person with the phone every 10 minutes.

3: Where is my Droid

With this app you can locate your lost device and take pictures remotely.

It is a trusted app with a ton of downloads in the playstore.

Once you have lost your device, you can immediately lock it so no one can access whatever in inside your phone.

Try this app if you just lost your android phone.

4: Cerberus App

Cerberus app is easy to use and literally anyone can use this tracking app.

It tracks lost phones through GPS with the option of triggering the phone’s alarm remotely and wiping it.

Furthermore, this app can take photos and audio records with the phone remotely.

It has a free version which does not last for long, but their paid version is unlimited and allows you to access even more amazing features.

5: Norton Mobile Security Lite

This security app is one of the best apps when it comes to mobile security. The app gives maximum protection against phone theft.

The app comes in 2 versions. It has a paid and free. The free version is running within time while the paid is not limited.

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The app can help you trigger your phones’ alarm and locate it through Google maps. It also has a back up feature.

6: Kaspersky Mobile Security App

With this app you can block, wip and track your lost device via GPS and Google maps.

This app will work even if your Sim is removed from your device.

All this will function remotely.

7: Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft, this is also a reliable app if you have just lost your android device.

The app will help you locate and get your phone back even if it has been stolen for a while now.

Definitely try it.

8: Lookout Security App

Lookout security app is not a basic software. This app works with Google map.

Which means that you can use it to locate your lost or misplaced phone at any place in the country.

With this app you can lock or wipe your phone remotely. You can also trigger an alarm even when the stolen phone is turned off.

9: McAfree Security App/Antivirus

Here is another security app that is built with the latest features that promises to keep your phone out of theft.

This app has a paid and free version.

The free version comes with one week trial but the paid version is up to $45 (Ksh. 4,500)

They also offer anti-virus protection.

Their antivirus protection is completely free to use though.

10: Avast Mobile Security

Avast mobile security is not a joke when it comes to protecting your mobile phone.

It is controlled via SMS or through the internet. It has the ability to track a stolen Android phone.

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They also have the ability to remotely control devices, like triggering the alarm and calls.

11: AVG Antivirus

One of the most highly rated apps in the stores.

This application can protect your device against theft by locating the missing phone via Google Map.

The app can also completely lock your device and deniy any access to your contacts, files, messages, gallery among others.

The app can also take pictures of the person in possession of the lost phone.

Those are the best phone tracking apps for a lost phone in Kenya right now. Use them to get back to your lost phone.

Please note that some of these apps are for prevention measures, which basically means that the apps must be installed in the phone before it got lost. If that’s not the case, the softwares might not work.

Don’t expect to use tracker apps when you did not pre-installed it on the device before getting lost.

There you have it – Lost Phone: Best Phone Trackers in Kenya Right Now

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