Crime and Justice Kenyan Series Full Cast, Characters Real Names and Story

Crime And Justice series

Crime and Justice!

ShowMax’s Original Kenyan Series ‘Crime and Justice’ is a truly Kenyan series that first premiered on Showmax on the 22nd of February, 2021. It is the first ever Kenyan original series on Showmax.

ShowMax airs a new Crime and Justice series episode every week, on Mondays, only on ShowMax.

Anyone can tune in to Showmax and enjoy the series ‘CRIME AND JUSTICE’ every Monday. ShowMax is available in over 7 countries, namely:

Our very own Kenya








In this article we have listed all the actors and actresses of Crime And Justice Kenyan Series. We have also provided the real names of the cast and the role they currently play in the Showmax Original Series, Crime and Justice.

Before looking at the list of Crime and Justice, cast and their real names, here is a story summary of CRIME AND JUSTICE.

Crime and Justice Story Summary:

The Kenyan series Crime and Justice was created basically to address all the issues we faced as a country back in the days that are not acceptable in our society but we have forgotten about them because no one else is talking about it and a lot of time has already passed.

Crime and Justice unfolds all those forgotten issues and addresses them in the series, the victims and the impact it had on our country is brought back to life.

Every event, injustice, legal drama and criminal activities that took place in our country but were forgotten just like nothing happened is tackled in Crime And Justice Kenyan Series.

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With that being said, here are the talented actors and actresses of Crime And Justice that airs on Showmax Kenya every Monday.

Crime and Justice series has featured a couple of well known actors in the country such as:

Alfred Munyua

Sarah Hassan

Maqbul Mohammed

Sarah Hassan is actually the lead actress in the Citizen TV Series ‘Zora’ where she plays the role of ‘Zora’ with a son named ‘Simba’.

Below is the list of all actors and actresses of Crime And Justice, a ShowMax Original Film.

Crime and Justice Kenyan Series Cast and Their Real Names:

Stage NameReal NameRole Played
MakenaSarah HassanDetective
SilasAlfred MunyuaDetective
DCI Boss KeboMaqbul MohammedDetective
SokoroPaul OgolaProsecutor
CalebBrian OgolaResident Pathologist
Rehema / RiriFoi WambuiFather’s Murderer
BrayoBrian AbajahWitness
AbuyaMuhuga TheuriUniversity student
LolaSerah NdanuLola
PeterMelvin AlusaHigh-ranking detective
Ambassador BendeleChris KamauAmbassador
Barasa’s lawyerJustin MirichiiDefense Lawyer
RichardFareed KhimaniDrug dealer
SolasaLucarelli OnyangoInvestigative Journalist
BarasaJohn Sibi OkumuPowerful politician
Judge ADennis MusyokaJudge
Dr. AumaWakio MzengePsychiatrist
Local ReverendRuth MangiLocal reverend
NiaSerah WanjiruNia
Cartel leaderGodfrey OdhiamboCartel leader
Cartel 2Charles AgengoMinor actor
TinaPatricia KihoroAbused housewife
Mrs BandeleAngie MwandandaAmbassador’s wife
ZeraDora NyabokeMinor actress
ChegeMartin GithinjiMinor actor
YaroKoome KinotiMinor actor
Abuya S. MotherShauya DeegushMinor actor
CalebBrian OgolaMinor actor
Abuya S. FatherElavuna WyclifeMinor actor
RadhikaKanii EdithMinor actor
Court Officer A.Mwamburi MaoleMinor actor
Officer B.Ibrahim MuchemiMinor actor
Officer CLikavo CollinsMinor actor
Officer DMichael MunyokiMinor actor
AbskoCari WesleyMinor actor
AlimAndrew KahenyaMinor actor
Man 1Samwel Ng’ang’aMinor actor
Man 2Steve GitauMinor actor
ReporterFelix PeterMinor actor
RangerNduta MbuthiaMinor actress
PoliticianKennedy LuyaliMinor actor
Woman 1Lucy Nding’uMinor actress
Woman 2Imali camelyneMinor actress
Woman 3Sanaipei DianaMinor actress
Carwash AttendantVictor UtyMinor actor
University LadyLorella JowiMinor actress
AnyaAngelle WanderaMinor actress
EboMalik Sekani WanderaMinor actor
Desk OfficerDedan JumaMinor actor
TonnyNeville MisatiMinor actor
ErikElvis ObukowhoMinor actor
Macho OfficerMichael MarubuMinor actor
DoctorClaude JudaMinor actor
MichelleAngella MwandandaMinor actress
Officer EBrenda NgesoMinor actress
Fare ClerkDuncan MurunyuMinor actor
NurseVeronicah WacekeMinor actress
Macho Officer 2Alvin Olang’oMinor actor
BishopPatrick OketchMinor actor
LiraSybil MukandutiyeMinor actress
Loretta MbatiBrenda MwaiMinor actress
AishaGathoni MutuaMinor actress
ClaireAdelyne WairimuMinor actress
RoseEllah MainaMinor actress
Officer MashaGeorge MoMinor actress
AnnaSandra WambuiMinor actress
AdimuZainab Wanja AzizMinor actress
KioniJulie BrendaMinor actress
Flight Attendant 2Ann MuliMinor actress
Security GuardElvis KanjaMinor actor
BartenderSimon WaigwaMinor actor
HannahLucy NjorogeMinor actress
Mrs SinghAkanksha NehraMinor actress
Mr SinghMehul MaldeMinor actor
VijayAnant SharmaMinor actor
Mr KingadaLowry OdhiamboMinor actor
Mrs KingadaCaro Rita MutuaMinor actress
KamalMalik MohamedMinor actor
Mrs WafulaFlorence NdutaMinor actress
ChrisRonnie KariukiMinor actor
Singh LawyerAseem SharmaMinor actor
AartiZhara KassamMinor actress
FatimaMaureen KahihuMinor actress
Professor Loretta MbatiBrenda MwaiMinor actress
DennisMoses MugoMinor actor
Judge BKarimi NjagiMinor actor
Court Officer BChris OgondaMinor actor
Front Desk ClerkJacky KaboiMinor actress
TiffanyAika MwachiaMinor actress
NadiaDiya VayaMinor actress
Lodging ManagerBernard IrunguMinor actor
Guest 1Saada MohamedMinor actor
Masked ManBrian OkubasuMinor actor
BailiffFinnie Wafula

Crime and Justice series is currently available only on ShowMax. And it is made, created, written, produced and directed by Kenyans.

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