How To Easily Apply For EACC Clearance Certificate


How can I apply and get my EACC Clearance Certificate?.

Here is an easy guide on how you can be able to acquire your Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Clearance Certificate.

The EACC has made it easier for any Kenyan who wants clearance from the commission to be able to do so by following certain criterias.

If you want to get your EACC Clearance Certificate easily and quick.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you apply and aquire a EACC Clearance Certificate.

Follow the easy steps below to apply for a EACC clearance certificate and be cleared from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

Here is how to apply for a EACC Certificate of Clearance in Kenya.

EACC Clearance Certificate Requirements:

Before you can get a EACC clearance certificate, you will be required to have the following before the application process begins;

Your National ID or Passport

High School Certificate

A University Degree (for university graduates only)

Your KRA PIN Certificate

A Lawyer or an Advocate

Self-declaration form details

General Information

Birth Details


Your Marital Status

Your Educational Qualifications


Membership of Professional Organization (only if you have any)

Your Reasons for Declaration

Moral and Ethical questions

Your Employment information

Oath and Affirmation

Follow the steps below to start your EACC clearance certificate online application process

EACC Clearance Certificate Online Application Process:

  • The first step to apply for a EACC Clearance Certificate is to first download two Self-declaration forms (from the EACC Website) and fill it out in two (duplicate files/copies).

Fill out the two form and leave the last page blank (Oath and Affirmation). The form is usually in PDF format.

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  • The next step will be to attach the following documents on the form;

A Copy of your ID or passport

Your KRA PIN certificate

Academic certificates

The form should be signed by you as the applicant and the signature be witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths or Magistrate

  • Get the filled copies stamped by your lawyer or an advocate.

If you don’t have a lawyer you can also take the copies to any law firm to get the stamps and verification there.

Average cost is Ksh. 500 it less.

  • Once the copies have been stamped, the next step is to submit the forms/copies to an EACC office.

The copies or the forms will be carefully verified and stamped after being acknowledged and the application is retained by the applicant

Remember, you should NOT submit the Application Form online, the recommend way to submit the form is by physically submitting the application form at any EACC office near you or the EACC Head Office located at Integrity Centre, in Nairobi.

You can submit the form yourself as the applicant or someone else can do it on your behalf.

The form can also be submitted at the nearest Huduma Center

  • After completing this process, the commission will then submit the form to the employing agency/panel a confidential report on all the shortlisted applicants
  • Since there will be no documentation issued to you, you will use the retained stamped form by EACC to serve as prove that you have been cleared by the EACC

Important Information About The EACC Clearance Certificate:

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By Law, it is an offense under S.46 (1) (d) of the Leadership and Integrity Act of 2012 to provide any false information to the Commission which is punishable and can attract a fine of Ksh. 5 million or imprisonment for a term of 5 years or both.

What mandate does the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) have?.

Here is a list of EACC powers

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Mandate:

Conduct mediation, conciliation, and negotiation.

Conduct public education, promotion of standards and practices of integrity, ethics, and anti-corruption.

Educate and create awareness on any matter within the Commission’s mandate.

Undertake preventive measures against unethical and corrupt practices; economic crime and unethical conduct in Kenya through law enforcement.

Conduct investigations on its own initiative or on a complaint made by any person.

Below is the easiest way to get in touch with the EACC representatives.

Use the contact information provided below to contact the EACC today or visit any of their offices listed below.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) Contacts:

Nairobi EACC Head Office

Location And Contacts:


Physical Address: Integrity Centre, Valley Road/Milimani Junction

Address: P.O. Box 61130 – 00200, Nairobi

Call: (020) 2717318; 2720722; 2100312 / 3

Mobile: 0729 888881 / 2 / 3; 0736 996600 / 33

Fax: (020) 2717473

Email address: [email protected]

Hotline: (020) 2717468; 0727 285663; 0733 520641

Hot fax: (020) 2717473

Report Center email: [email protected]

EACC Nakuru Offices


EACC South Rift Regional Office – Nakuru

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Moi Road, Nakuru at Assumption Centre CDN

Call: 0731888064

EACC Mombasa Offices, Mombasa

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Lower Coastal Regional Office – Mombasa

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Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: 3rd Floor, ACK Mombasa Memorial Cathedral Complex, Nkrumah Road, Mombasa

Call: 0710 768706 or Tel: 041 2319081 / 2

EACC Kisumu Offices


EACC Western Regional Office – Kisumu

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Central Square Building, Oginga Odinga Street Junction

Call: 0715 408512 or Tel: 057 2023111

EACC Nyeri Offices

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EACC Central Regional Office – Nyeri

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Advocates Plaza, Next to law Courts and lands Office, Kamakwa Road, Nyeri

Call: 0703 204580; 0789 665500

EACC Eldoret Offices


EACC Western Regional Office – Kisumu

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Along Uganda Road at Imperial Court Opposite Eldoret Cathedral

Call: 0703 602727; 0789 776600

EACC Office Malaba

Malaba Setllite Office

Location and Contacts:

Physical Location: 1st Floor, Border Point Motel, Eldoret – Malaba Road. Malaba Central

Call: 0731888059

EACC Isiolo Offices

EACC Uppre Eastern Regional Office – Isiol

Location and Contacts:

Physical Location: Lower Kiwanjani, near Isiolo Sunrise Academy

Address: P.O Box 762-60300


EACC Bungoma Offices

EACC Bungoma Office

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Daima Plaza, Mumias – Bungoma Road, Bungoma

Call: 0702391287

EACC Kisii Offices

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Kisii

Location and Contacts:

Physical Location: Kisii Town

EACC Garissa Offices


EACC North Eastern Regional Office – Garissa

Location and Contacts:

Physical Address: Province Road, Garissa

Call: 0715408512; 0737 994444

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