How To Get M-Pesa Till and Pay Bill Numbers For Your Business

MPESA Paybill Number and Till Number

How can I register for a Safaricom Till Number and MPESA Paybill Number for my business?.

Here is an easy, step by step guide on how you can be able to get your own Till Number or Paybill Number to make MPESA payments easy for your business.

Safaricom Till Number will make it easy for your clients and customers to pay you without paying for any MPESA transactions (no charges).

While on the other hand, the Lipa na M-Pesa Paybill Number may involve transaction fees when used by your clients and customers as a payment method.

If you want to apply and acquire your own MPESA Paybill Number or a Till Number.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how you can register and get your own Safaricom Till Number and Paybill Number to use as a payment method for your businesses, an organization, institutions, or any other type of business you may need a payment method to.

But before starting your application process, here is what you need to know about the difference between the two Safaricom MPESA Payment Methods.

Whats the difference between Buy Goods Till Number and MPESA Pay Bill Number

  • For Till Number;

There are No Transaction Charges which means the business bears the charges

There are no account number or name needed during a transaction.

It’s Limited to Distance.

  • For M-Pesa PayBill Number;

There are charges involved during a transaction from both end

(Customers Transactions below Ksh. 100 are Free)

An Account Number or Name is required for transactions to take place

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It’s not limited to distance

Who is a Till Number or Paybill Recommended for?.

The best place to have an MPESA Till or Paybill Number is at;

A Restaurant or Hotels


SACCOs and Cooperative societies in Kenya

Government Organizations

As an Individual Persons

A Sole Proprietor

A Limited Liability

A Non-Governmental Organizations

Banks and any Financial Institutions etc.

These are the best places to have a Till Number.

With that said, below is an easy guide on how you can start your Till Number or Paybill Number application process in Kenya, easy and quick.

How To Apply for an MPESA Till Number:

  • The first step is to get the application form from the nearest Safaricom Shop or simply download it from the Safaricom Website

You will need the following.

A copy of Utility bill or Business photo. For confirmation of the Business

An Individual or Business KRA PIN

A copy of business registration or business permit

A copy of your National ID/s of persons registering for the Till Number

Letter from your Bank confirming Bank your details/ A Canceled cheque

After filling out the application form and making sure it’s signed where applicable.

Make sure that all the listed documents are attached to your application form.

You can now go ahead and submit the application to the nearest Safaricom Retail Shop, (Safaricom Shops).

The process usually takes about 3 days to be complete and get an M-Pesa Till Number.

Here is now how to apply for your Safaricom MPESA Paybill Number for your business.

How To Apply for Lipa Na M-Pesa Paybill Number:

The Lipa Na M-Pesa PayBill Number Application Process is quite simple.

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  • Get the Application Form from any Safaricom Shop or online through the Safaricom Website.
  • Fill out the application forms as indicated, and don’t forget to attach the following documents

A copy of Utility Bill or Business Photo to affirm the existence of the business

A copy of your Business Permit (License)

A copy of your National ID/Military Service Number/Passport

A Canceled cheque or letter from Bank proving your bank details

  • After completing the entire process of filling out the application and attaching all the necessary documents.

It’s time to submit the application forms to the nearest Safaricom Shop.

The process will take around 3 days at most to complete before your Lipa Na M-Pesa Pay Bill number is ready.

Here is how to make payments using both Till Number and Paybill Number.

How To Pay Using MPESA Till Number:

Select M-Pesa

Select Lipa na M-Pesa

Chose Buy Goods and Services

Enter the Till Number and press Ok

Enter the amount of money to pay

Enter your MPESA PIN and press OK

Use the MPESA Hakikisha to confirm the details you have provided and Send

How To Pay Using MPESA Pay Bill Number:

Select M-Pesa

Select Lipa na M-Pesa

Select the Pay Bill option

Enter the Business Number

Enter the Account Number or Name

Enter the amount of money to pay

Enter your MPESA PIN and press OK

Use the MPESA Hakikisha to confirm the details you have provided and Send

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