Top 10 Largest States In Nigeria and Their Sizes 2023

Biggest Nigerian States

What’s the largest state in Nigeria today?.

Here is the list ranking of the top 10 biggest Nigerian States ranked from the largest state in the country to the 10th biggest state by land size.

Nigeria has a total of 36 states in the country.

In Nigeria each state is subdivided into local government areas (LGAs) and there are currently 774 local governments in Nigeria.

Under the Nigerian constitution, the 36 states are co-equal but not supreme because sovereignty resides with the federal government.

Niger is the largest state in Nigeria with a Land Size by km² of 76,363 while Borno State takes the second place as Nigeria’s seconds largest state.

With that being said, below is the list of Nigeria’s biggest states by land size.

Biggest States In Nigeria:

  1. Niger – 76,363 (Land Size by km²)
  2. Borno – 70,898 (Land Size by km²)
  3. Taraba – 54,473 (Land Size by km²)
  4. Kaduna – 46,053 (Land Size by km²)
  5. Bauchi – 45,837 (Land Size by km²)
  6. Yobe – 45,502 (Land Size by km²)
  7. Zamfara – 39,762 (Land Size by km²)
  8. Adamawa – 36,917 (Land Size by km²)
  9. Kwara – 36,825 (Land Size by km²)
  10. Kebbi – 36,800 (Land Size by km²)
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