List of TSC AON Minet Referral Hospitals and Their Locations 2023


Here is a list of all TSC AON Minet Referral Hospitals for Teachers and Dependents in Kenya, including their physical locations.

The AON Minet has made it possible for Kenyan teachers to have a direct entry in certain hospitals in Kenya including AON referral hospitals in the county under the AON Minet Medical Insurance Cover.

If you are looking for a AON referral hospital near you today.

In this article, we have listed down over 35 AON Referral Hospitals in Kenya for teachers covered by the AON Minet Medical Insurance.

Below are the referral hospitals for TSC Employed Teachers in the county and we have also included the location of each referral hospital.

AON Referral Hospitals for TSC Teachers:

1. M.P. Shah Hospital

Location: Parklands, Nairobi

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

2. The Aga Khan University Hospital

Location: Parklands, Nairobi

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

3. Shifaa Nursing Home

Location: North Eastern, Garissa   Dadaab

– Inpatient/Direct maternity

4. Dr. Steve Biko Okoth

Location: Western, Lurambi Kakamega

– Referral Specialist, physician, and critical care

5. Lupe Medical Center

Location: Western, Lurambi Mahiakalo

  • Inpatient & Outpatient specialists

6. Dr. Annette C Sang

Location: South Rift Valley, Kericho

– Specialist and pediatrician

7. Thika Heart Centre

Location: Kiambu Thika Town

  • Outpatient referral specialists

8. AIC Kijabe Hospital

Location: Kiambu Lari Kijabe

– Referral, Inpatient and Maternity

9. Kisii Physiotherapy Clinic

Location: Nyanza Nyaribari Chache Kisii Town

– Outpatient specialists

10. Oasis Specialist Hospital Limited

Location: Central Kisii Town

– Inpatient, outpatient, and maternity

11. Aga Khan Hospital

Location: Kisumu, Central Kisumu Town

– Referral specialized treatment, inpatient

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12. Dr. Sanjeev Parma

Location: Central Kisumu

– Outpatient specialist, physician/cardiologist

13. Iris Eye Clinic

Location: Kisumu Central, Kisumu

– Ophthalmologist

14. Nairobi Hospital

Location: Dagoretti Upper Hill

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

15. The Kenyatta National Hospital

Location: Nairobi

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

16. Bama Hospital

Location: Siaya County

– Referral IP/Direct maternity

17. The River Jordan Medical Center

Location: Taita Taveta, VOI

– Referral Outpatient

18. Eldo Eye Centre

Location: Wareng, ELDORET

– Referral OP/IP (Ophthalmologist)

19. Gynocare Women’s & Fistula Hospital

Location: Turbo, Kahoya

– Referral OP/IP/direct maternity/specialists

20. Equra Health Kenya Ltd

Location: Moiben, Eldoret

– Referral OP/IP (Radiotherapy)

21. Chiromo Lane Mental Hospital

Location: Westlands, Nairobi

– Referral inpatient/outpatient/specialists

22. The Karen Hospital

Location: Langata, Nairobi

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

23. Nairobi Audiology Centre

Location: Nairobi CBD

– Referral specialist (OP)/IP day case

24. Nairobi ENT

Location: Dagoreti North, Upper Hill, Nairobi

– Referral specialized treatment/inpatient

25. Lions Sight First Eye Hospital

Location: Nairobi, Dagoreti, Upper Hill

– Referral Optical

26. Fertility Point Ltd

Location: Nairobi

– Referral outpatient/IVF

27. Nightingale Medical Centre

Location: Kisumu Town

– Inpatient, outpatient, and maternity

28. The Mandera Hospital

Location: Mandera East

– Inpatient services

29. Meru Doctors Plaza

Location: North Imenti, Meru Town

– Referral outpatient specialists

30. Aga Khan Hospital

Location: Kisauni Mombasa

– Referral outpatient and inpatient

31. South B Hospital

Location: Makadara South B, Nairobi

– Inpatient services

32. Nairobi Radiotherapy & Cancer Centre

Location: Dagoretti Upper Hill, Nairobi

– Inpatient/referral specialized treatment

33. Nakuru Heart Centre

Location: Nakuru Town

– Referral inpatient

34. Mary Immaculate Hospital

Location: Mweiga, Nyeri, Kieni West

– Referal outpatient/inpatient/maternity

35. Inuka Hospital

Location: Siaya, Ugunja Town

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– Referral IP/Direct maternity

36. Inuka Hospital

Location: Madeya, Siaya, Gem

– Referral IP/Direct maternity

Some of these TSC AON hospitals offer specialist consultation services at a fee.

The consultation fee ranges from Ksh. 1,000 to 2,500 depending on the hospital.

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