List Of All Sub Counties In Busia County 2023

Busia County Sub-Counties

Here is the list of names of all the Sub-Counties in Busia County.

Busia is a county in the former Western Province of Kenya.

Busia County borders Kakamega County to the east, Bungoma County to the north, Lake Victoria and Siaya County to the south and Busia District, Uganda to the west.

The county has a population of over 1 million people and spans about 1,700 square kilometers, this makes Busia County one of Kenya’s smallest counties.

The Luhya tribe is found in Busia County but also other tribes such as the Luo and Teso can be found in the County.

With that being said, below is the list of all the 7 sub counties in Busia.

Busia County Sub-Counties:

  1. Butula
  2. Funyula
  3. Budalang’i
  4. Nambale
  5. Matayos
  6. Teso North
  7. Teso South
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