Top 15 Best Banks In Kenya 2023

Best Kenyan Banks

Which are the best banks in Kenya?.

Here is a list of 15 of the best banks in Kenya that you should definitely consider when looking for a reliable financial facility.

Kenya has a number of banks that promise to provide the best services, high interest rates on savings, easy withdrawal and deposits, quick loans with low interest rates and cheap transaction costs just to name a few.

But that’s not usually the case after registering and opening an account with the bank.

So to make you choose a good bank in Kenya today, here is a list of Kenya’ Best Financial Institutions that you can trust and rely on with not only your financial matters but also your businesses.

With that being said, below is the list of Kenya’s Best Banks that offer reliable services in the country in terms of quality services, good customer care, money security, easy accessibility, savings, current accounts, affordable transactional charges, loans among other important factors that matter to you as the customer.

Below are reliable and most trusted banks in Kenya as of this year.

Best Kenyan Banks:

1. KCB Bank

The Kenya Commercial Bank is Kenya’s most trusted commercial financial facility.

The bank has millions of Kenyan customers not mentioning the number of international customers who also use the bank to make international money transactions.

The bank has a well established and advanced technology system that ensures your money is not only safe but double checked on every single transaction done.

KCB Bank has made life easier for all their customers by offering mobile mobile services through their partnership with Telecommunication Service Provider Safaricom on KCB MPESA.

2. Equity Bank

The Equity Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Kenya today.

Equity banks claims to be your listening, caring partner and its trusted by both government and private organizations.

The bank has almost uncountable branches and agents in the country spread out in major cities and counties including upcountry (Mashinani).

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Equity Bank is also among the most trusted bank in Kenya and the financial institution had changed how the bank sector works with new and improved innovations.

3. Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank is one of the best banks in the country without a doubt.

The Bank requires Zero operating balance and nil monthly maintenance fees.

Coop bank customers are good ambassadors of the financial institution by spending the word of how they enjoy the services offered by the bank.

If you are looking for a reliable bank in Kenya, then Coop Bank should be in your list of banks to consider in Kenya.

4. Standard Chartered Bank

The Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya is one of the most recommended Kenyan banks.

The bank has an amazing international reputation which has also boosted its customer satisfaction rate in Kenya.

The bank is among the oldest banks in Kenya with the best transparency services to all their customers and clients.

If a bank with standard and amazing reputation is what you are looking for, then you should definitely consider the Standard Chartered Bank.

5. ABSA Bank

ABSA Bank Kenya which was formerly known as Barclays Bank has build a very successful financial institution in not only Kenya but Africa at large.

The bank offers a lot of completely free services and all their customers enjoy a secure and affordable money transactions.

Businesses, students, organizations and individuals in Kenya have trusted ABSA with their savings.

This bank is among the most recommended banks for savings and investments.

6. NCBA Bank

The NCBA Bank which was formerly known as CBA Bank is among the best financial facilities in Kenya today.

The rates and services of NCBA Bank are also among the most affordable in the country compared to other financial institutions.

The bank is also ranked among the most recommended banks in Kenya to open an account with, not mentioning that this bank is on the top list of the fastest growing companies in Kenya.

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7. I&M Bank

The I&M Bank is a leading financial institution in Kenya with remarkable services when it comes to their existing customers.

The bank offers amazing currency exchange rates that all their new and old customers enjoy by being part of the financial facility.

The bank is loved by companies, individuals and organizations who at one point have to transact international currencies in Kenya.

The financial institution offers an easy process in buying and selling USD, EURO and GBP currencies, compared to other banks.

8. National Bank

The National Bank is trusted by large corporations in Kenya and when it comes to having a good reputation in the banking industry, National Bank is at the top list.

The bank is among the most trusted, renowned and oldest banks in Kenya, established back in the year 1968.

The financial facility has well established branches distributed all over the country with a reliable customer care service.

9. Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya

The Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd (DTB) provides various banking products and services, including mortgages, investments, insurance, savings and deposit accounts, debit and credit cards, money transfer services, and asset finance.

The bank is among the best bank in Kenya and East Africa. The financial institution was founded back in 1945.

10. Stanbic Bank

The Stanbic Bank provides banking products and services such as commercial, retail, and private banking, asset management, credit cards, and mortgages.

The bank is a division of Standard Bank, which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The bank is among the top financial institutions in the country this year.

11. Commercial Bank of Africa

The Commercial Bank of Africa is the largest of all private commercial banks in Kenya.

The bank was established back in the 1962 in Tanzania and base been among the best banks in Kenya since its launch in the country.

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12. Family Bank

The Family Bank is one the most recommended financial institutions in Kenya.

Family bank, just as the name states, it really is a family bank, they make all their customers feel at home.

Family Bank is listed as one of the top banks in Kenya with outstanding customer satisfaction rate.

If you want a bank that is all about you and your success, you should ensure Family Bank is in your list of banks before making your final decision.

13. Trans National Bank

The Trans National Bank is among the most advanced banks in Kenya, technology wise.

Trans National Bank makes it easy for all their customers to save money and enjoy low interest rates on loans from the bank.

If you are looking for a Kenyan bank that will be with you till you reach your financial goals, this is one the best banks to open an account with in Kenya.

14. Bank Of Africa Kenya

The Bank of Africa Kenya has gained a lot of good reputation in Kenya in the past years and it is one of the best banks in Kenya when it comes to savings and investments.

If are looking for a savings bank in Kenya to grow your savings and invest, this is one of the best banks.

15. Prime Bank

The Prime Bank is also the one of the best financial facility in Kenya for savings and investments.

Their clients enjoy loans from the bank with low and completely affordable interest rates on all loans.

If you want to open an account with a Kenyan bank that is dedicated to your success, prime bank could be the bank for you.

NB: The above list of the best banks in Kenya, has not listed the banks in any particular order.

Those are some of the best banks that you will enjoy being part of and grow financially.

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