How to Book for NTSA Vehicle Inspection In Kenya 2023

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

How can I book my NTSA Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection?.

Here is an easy step by step guide on how you can be able to Book for your motor vehicle inspection fast and easy.

As you might know, it is required for all car owners in Kenya to forward their vehicles for inspections.

The vehicle inspection process in Kenya is done every year and here is how to easily book your vehicle inspection.

NTSA Motor Vehicle Inspection Requments:

Applicable Booking Fee: Ksh.1750 (average)

Your Motor Vehicle: Present the car that is to be inspected by the NTSA inspecting officer

You must show up: You physically need to be there for your vehicle to be inspected

Payment Invoice: The original copy to proof that you have made the payment for the annual vehicle inspection

An NTSA TIMS Account: To be able to book your vehicle inspection online

With that said, below is how to book for vehicle inspection for your car through the NTSA website.

How to Book for NTSA Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection:

To book for your NTSA Annual Vehicle Inspection, you will first need to have an active NTSA TIMS account to start the process. Simply create one for free if you don’t have it already.

If you have the account, here is how to book your NTSA annual motor vehicle inspection.

  • To start your Annual Vehicle Inspection Booking Process, you will need to log in to your Transport Integrated Management systems (TIMS) Portal. (Your NTSA TIMS Account)
  • Once logged in, hover over to the Vehicle Inspection section.
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(Note that if this is your first time booking, in short if you are a new car owner, on the website, there will be no list in your account, which means you will have to go ahead and click on ‘New Car Booking’ option to fill out all the required information such as; your car’s custom entry number.)

  • Anyways, once done, click on ‘Annual Booking’ below the New Car Booking section
  • Enter your Vehicle’s Registration Number or select your vehicle on the list provided (vehicles under your name) in the portal
  • After choosing the vehicle you want to be inspected, go ahead and choose your preferred payment method
  • Make your payments through your preferred payment method then click on the complete button when done paying
  • The system will automatically generate a receipt for your payment which you should download for future use/reference
  • When you are done, click on the Booking Tab to continue with the booking process
  • Select your preferred inspection center, preferably the center that is near to you or easily accessible from your location
  • Select your preferred time to get your vehicle inspected depending on your schedule

(Note that the slots (Date & Time) that are in color Green are available while the slots that are in color Red are slots that are already booked, which means they are not available)

  • Once done, click ‘submit’ and you will be taken to a page where you can click on the ‘Details’ button to display all your details
  • The system allows you to print out the inspection booking slip incase you need it as hard copy
  • Congratulations! You have successfully booked your NTSA Annual Vehicle Inspection.
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The next step will be to present your car for inspection at the inspection center you chose, and at the date and time you selected.

(Don’t forget to take your payment receipt (payment invoice) with you during the inspection day)

Here is the list of vehicle parts that are going to be inspected in a Kenyan annual vehicle inspection.

List Of Items That Are Tested During Vehicle Inspection:


Tyre type, size and condition

Spare wheel carrier

Tyre condition road wheels and hubs


Engine/Exhaust and the fuel system


Chassis and Frame

General Service Brake and Air Pressure System

Wheel Bearings, Kingpins and Bushes

Stub Axle Assemblies

Steering Mechanism/Power Steering

Suspensions/Shook Absorbers

Electric and Lighting System

Stop Lamps

Direction Indicators

Front and Rear Lamp


The Front number Plates condition illumination

Instruments Panel Gauges


Windscreen Wipers/Washes

General Electrical System

Drive Test

The Speedometer

The Speed governor condition

Parking brake condition

Smoke Emission

Trailer Coupling

Vehicle control and stability on a test drive

The Service brake efficiency and balance

Body and Interior

Body Color, confirmed through the logbook

Condition of seats

CAB/Body condition specifications

The car Doors


The Wings

Reflectors & Chevrons

Security/stability of mounting Seat belts

The Bumper Bars and Side Mirror

The car’s windscreen glass

Car specifics; eg, The Name, Brand, yellow band etc

General Car Parts


The Brake Clutch Acceleration

Catalytic Converter

Fire extinguisher

NTSA has a mobile application that is recommended for Kenyan drivers.

Here is the list of features that the NTSA Mobile App has and what you can do with the App.

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List of NTSA App Features:

Check your Vehicle/s inspection status

Check the status of your SACCO licence

Check the status of PSV Licensing

Check the status of your vehicle’s Night Travel License

Check your Driving License Status

Verify application status

You can also report road incidents through the App

Below is a list of NTSA Inspection Centres in Kenya

NTSA Inspection Centers In Kenya:

Nairobi Area inspection center

Ruaraka inspection center

Garissa inspection center

Embu inspection center

Nyeri inspection center

Nyahururu inspection center

Thika inspection center

Voi inspection center

Kisi inspection center

Kericho inspection center

Eldoret inspection center

Kitale inspection center

Machakos inspection center

Meru inspection center

Kisumu inspection center

Mombasa inspection center

Kakamega inspection center

Likoni inspection center

Nakuru inspection center

All these centers are used by NTSA Inspection Officers to inspect cars.

That’s how to book for the annual vehicle inspection in Kenya.

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