30+ Best Firefighter Pick Up Lines

Firefighters Pick up lines

Looking for Firefighters pick up lines to flirt with your crush today?.

Firefighter related and Firefighters inspired pick up lines are listed below.

The firefighter pick up lines below consists of funny pick up lines about firefighting, cheesy pick up lines, dirty and new firefighters pick up lines.

Firefighters Pick Up Lines:

When you play with fire you’re likely going to get burnt but remember if you play with a firefighter…you’re definitely getting wet.

As a firefighter I’m an expert on what’s hot and you my dear are HOT!!!

Would you like to slide down my pole?

You know why they call me a fireman? It’s ‘cause I turn these hoes on.

Wanna go for a ride along, then later I’ll show you the truck?

You know we firefighters are always in heat.

I want to ride you like I’m riding a fire truck on a bad road on the way to a 5am alarm.

The fire may be out but you still look smoking hot.

I thought I put the fire out, then you walked in here looking so hot, does this mean you want to start a new flame?

Hey handsome, do you mind if we play fire fighters? We could practice stop, drop and roll (insert wink)

You do know I’m a firefighter and I handle the hose pretty well.

In my job I’m required to go in with my hose when it’s really hot and never pull out till it’s dripping wet.

I’d love to climb you like a ladder?

Wanna see something long and hard that pumps like a bastard?  Well say hello to my truck.

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You know I’m a fire fighter, I run into burning buildings to save complete strangers and even animals too, so just imagine what I’d do for you.

You know what they say, firemen have the longest hoses.

It’s getting quite hot in here, I think I need to let out the hose.

Do you mind if I hit your hydrant?   

You know the first thing we do when we see a patient that’s so “hot” we try to remove all restricting clothing, so can I go ahead and start now?

You’re so hot, even a firefighter couldn’t put you out.      

Help, I am on fire, do you want to stop drop and roll with me?

I hope you know the hotter you get the faster I come.

Do you mind giving me your phone so I can call the firefighters? They might need to take you outta here you’re so damn hot.

I bet we can fit two in those bunkers.

Friendly reminder, you shouldn’t prime this pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

I’ve saved babies, kittens and puppies, and now I’ll love to save you from a boring life.

You don’t need a smoke detector if you’re sleeping with a firefighter, so let me be your smoke detector girl.

I’m a firefighter, I find ‘em hot and leave ‘em wet…(insert wink)

I might not have a very long hose, but I sure have one hell of a pumper.

Do you want to see my hose bed?

Have you ever been in a firefighter before?.

Hmm, I see you handle the hose really well.

I know that as a fire fighter I’m supposed to put out flames but girl I want to start one with you.

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Girl, I’ll make you scream louder than a siren.

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