Top 20 Most Developed Countries In Africa and Their HDI 2022

Developed countries in Africa

What are the most developed African countries?.

Out of all the 54 countries in the continent of Africa, here is the list of all the top 20 most developed and improved countries in Africa.

The most developed African countries are ranked with respect to each country’s HDI.

HDI stands for Human Development Index, this is basically a metric that is usually used to measure the key dimensions of human development in a particular country.

Other factors that add up to HDI so as to come up with the rank of the most developed African countries include things like;

  • The country’s life expectancy
  • General health of the people in the country
  • The gross national income per capita
  • Standards of living in a country
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Education etc.

With that being said, below are Africa’s most developed countries as of this year ranked from the 1st to the 20th most developed countries in our continent.

Most Developed African Countries:

These are the most developed countries in Africa by Human Development Index (HDI).

  1. Seychelles – HDI 0.797
  2. Mauritius – HDI 0.793
  3. Algeria – HDI 0.754
  4. Tunisia – HDI 0.735
  5. Botswana – HDI 0.717
  6. Libya – HDI 0.706
  7. Gabon – HDI 0.702
  8. South Africa – HDI 0.699
  9. Egypt – HDI 0.696
  10. Morocco – HDI 0.667
  11. Cape Verde – HDI 0.654
  12. Namibia – HDI 0.647
  13. Republic of the Congo – HDI 0.606
  14. Ghana – HDI 0.592
  15. Equatorial Guinea – HDI 0.591
  16. Kenya – HDI 0.590
  17. São Tomé and Príncipe – HDI 0.589
  18. Swaziland – HDI 0.588
  19. Zambia – HDI 0.588
  20. Angola – HDI 0.581
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Last year, Seychelles was the leading country in Africa, in the African Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI), with 96.73 points, and this year too, the country is still leading other African countries.

As of this year, these are the top 20 most developed African countries.

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